Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowmen and Marshmallows

Brrrrr, it's cold outside! We finished our snowman creation with writing in detail about our snowman.  These came out so cute and it looks great hanging on our window like we are looking out and seeing our snowman in the winter :)! Love them +Pam DAlessandro 

Check out my great friends wonderful winter packet where you can find this snowman, bubble map, and writing paper... PLUS SO MUCH MORE! 

We also had some fun with marshmallows! We drew two houses (one square and one triangle on top of the square, then an bumpy oval to make it look like a frozen lake- a quick assessment to check students knowledge of shapes and positional words).  Then we placed marshmallows between the two houses.  Students listened for directions and they put the correct amount of marshmallows in each house.  Then we discuss which house had the greatest amount, and which had the least.  We also touched on equal to.  Once we determined the greatest amount and the least amount we put them together on the ice skate rink.  The marshmallows went "ice skating" together.  The students did a few problems whole class and once they got the hang of it they worked with a friend to create their own verbal addition sentences.  I cant remember how many "Can I eat a marshmallow?!" So this got me thinking about doing this with marshmallows again but instead of adding we will subtract and eat the marshmallows.

Hope you like these activities! Happy HUMP day :)!