Tuesday, January 21, 2014



I love teacher work days! I feel like I can get so much done and so much planned for my students! We are finishing up our Polar/Arctic Research Projects and this inspired me on a new project: BEARS!

After a few technical difficulties:
~internet down for about two hours
~loss of work in ppt that I worked on for an hour!
~I should also add: driving back from my parents house with my dad yesterday (6 hour drive)...Told my dad to put the seat back because he has a really bad hip, well not thinking my computer was on the floor behind him (IN MY COMPUTER BAG!).  He did what I told him to do and pushed the seat back so far it hid my computer and the pixels broke in the screen.  So now after manipulating my documents on my computer and internet/ computer issues.  I still feel good about how much work I completed.

Here is a little preview for you to enjoy :)

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