Saturday, March 8, 2014

March In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

Lion and Lamb Activity

This week was the start of March and we were discussing how the weather is changing for the month of March.  Check out this two dollar deal: 
 Lion and Lamb March Weather Writing and Craft

It includes:

We will be graphing and watching the weather throughout the month using this free activity by 
Special Teacher for Special Kids

Numbers Numbers Everyway! with FREEBIE!

Numbers, Numbers Every way!

Number Sense~ Number Bonds ~Addition~Number Emergent Reader

We have been working with numbers this week.  Focusing on beginning addition.  In this packet it will cover all number sense activities! It was fun having the students interact with the little readers and work with numbers, number bonds, and beginning addition facts.

This packet includes 538 slides of great information! Check out what my students have been doing with this packet:

Click below to check out the freebie! 
Number Sense~ Number Bonds ~Addition~Number Emergent Reader

Author Study with Karma Wilson

Karma Wilson

We have been having so much fun with bears this past month! Its been a very busy month and I haven't had a lot of time to blog but have been trying to create some great things with our Karma Wilson Study.
Check out what we have been doing:
This packet includes:
This packet is for an authors study on Karma Wilson.
It includes:
~Interactive Positional Word Reader that goes along with Bear Snores on
~Real vs. Fantasy sort
~Beginning Middle End study for Bear Snores On
~Character Vocabulary picture and words
~Character-Retell Activity
~Bubble Map for each story
~Two writing activities
~Favorite Story Cards to Make a Classroom Graph
~ Stories linked to each story read out loud
Bear Snores On~Author Study Karma Wilson Positional Word Reader

We began our author study by reading Bear Snores On

We completed a story retell activity with puppets:

Beginning, Middle, End Story Retell Writing:

Then completed a writing activity with bear snores on:

Bear Craftivity with Writing Page

After reading other stories by Karma Wilson, we chose our favorite book and we got into groups and reread the stories/retold our favorite book by Karma Wilson in our small groups:

Then we wrote about our favorite story by Karma Wilson:  

The bear came from:
Binding Literature to the Common Core ~ Bear Wants More by

My students had the most fun (of course) with the positional bear snores on emergent reader (Included in my Karma Wilson Author Study, click on Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Where are you snoring author study packet).  My students thought it would be funny to make snoring sounds while they were moving the bear around the book.  They loved this and it was so cute how excited they get about our positional words book! 

Our bear goes everywhere with us...  even into march with dr. seuss and march weather!

 I hope you enjoy! 
Bear Snores On~Author Study Karma Wilson Positional Word Reader

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Send in the HEARTS!

Send in the HEARTS!

Valentine's Day crept up on us this may have been because of so many snow days!
It may be because Valentine's Day comes right after so many great holidays.... 
So here you are, if you are in the same boat as me this is a great packet you can use to get things together quickly for tomorrows big day!

Valentine's Day Common Core ELA Bundle

With lots of love....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Goundhog Day!


Never understood why they made the fact that if the groundhog saw his shadow there would be 6 more weeks of winter.  That means it was sunny that day so to me spring should be coming! But according to the tale this is not true. 

Based on the weather today since it was cloudy spring is coming... ha! according to me it sure doesn't feel like spring is coming when freezing rain is coming down and we are out of school for sever weather conditions today and tomorrow.  

So to celebrate the winter weather here is TWO freebies on my TpT store:

Teacher resource:

Student resource:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014



I love teacher work days! I feel like I can get so much done and so much planned for my students! We are finishing up our Polar/Arctic Research Projects and this inspired me on a new project: BEARS!

After a few technical difficulties:
~internet down for about two hours
~loss of work in ppt that I worked on for an hour!
~I should also add: driving back from my parents house with my dad yesterday (6 hour drive)...Told my dad to put the seat back because he has a really bad hip, well not thinking my computer was on the floor behind him (IN MY COMPUTER BAG!).  He did what I told him to do and pushed the seat back so far it hid my computer and the pixels broke in the screen.  So now after manipulating my documents on my computer and internet/ computer issues.  I still feel good about how much work I completed.

Here is a little preview for you to enjoy :)

If you like this and would like to purchase my whole packet click below.

If you would like the whole packet for free!!! 
Follow my blog and leave a message on the message board.  I will enter your name into a drawing and will notify you if you win! 

Thanks for all your support! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Arctic/Polar Animal Research Project & The Polar Bear and the Husky Pup... Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Where are you?

Arctic/Polar Animal Research ProjectAligned with Common Core

I have been so excited to share this project with everyone. We have had so many things going on in Kindergarten this week. Its been packed full of activities from Daily 5... Work on Writing to our Arctic Research Project! This integrates Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Science, and Math! 

Arctic/Polar Animals Emergent Story with Research Project

Check out our great work! 

We began the week with reading the little book about arctic animals.  I have students actively engaged by coloring along with the story while we read.  We talk about specific details of each animal.  This helps students pay attention to detail: 

Then we deciding which animal we would like to research.  We created a graph and discuss greater than, less than, most, least, and equal to using the label cards. 

Check out the free cards, it is a part of my Arctic/Polar Animal Research Project. 
 Weekly Freebie!

We continued to week with researching our arctic/polar animal on pebble go and using nonfiction books.

I love how all the students were so engaged and willing to work together to complete their work.  Their communication skills and work skills are really growing as little learners! They worked so well together to complete their projects! 

Here are some of the books we also used:

 Arctic Fox

Arctic Books

Here are some of our finished products:





I am combining all of their project papers into a book.  Then they will be sharing their work to the class.  The cover of their book have their picture like this:

Another add on to our project that I was not planning for but its so nice when things just come together!!! Below you will see our wonderful art teacher in our classroom doing a cross-curriculum activity with the students.  She had the students create a clay creation of their animal! We are going to enter into the Art Showcase at the end of the year with all of our clay creations in an arctic scene! We are excited and can't wait to see the final Arctic habitat scene! (We are still working on painting these... I will post pictures when we are finished!)

A few were able to paint their clay creations this week:

The Little Polar Bear and The Husky PupAligned with Common Core

We finished up the week with a fiction story The Little Polar Bear and the Husky Pup.  This is such a great visual for students to see how the arctic is but in a fiction story. We discuss fiction vs. nonfiction and create our favorite part of the story using construction paper.  They had to decide what part of the story their favorite part was in then label:  Beginning, Middle, End.  I like students to really create their own work so I just gave them 1/4 sheet of white and 1/4 sheet of black.  I gave them the option to have a blank blue sheet of paper or a sheet where it had snow on the bottom. 

 Lars and Flo

Polar Bear, Polar Bear Where are you?

During a math/science lesson we closed up our project by using: 
Polar Bear Interactive/Emergent Reader Positional Words

The students love these interactive readers when they are able to move the polar bear around the story! 

Hope you can use some of these resources!! :)