Saturday, March 8, 2014

Author Study with Karma Wilson

Karma Wilson

We have been having so much fun with bears this past month! Its been a very busy month and I haven't had a lot of time to blog but have been trying to create some great things with our Karma Wilson Study.
Check out what we have been doing:
This packet includes:
This packet is for an authors study on Karma Wilson.
It includes:
~Interactive Positional Word Reader that goes along with Bear Snores on
~Real vs. Fantasy sort
~Beginning Middle End study for Bear Snores On
~Character Vocabulary picture and words
~Character-Retell Activity
~Bubble Map for each story
~Two writing activities
~Favorite Story Cards to Make a Classroom Graph
~ Stories linked to each story read out loud
Bear Snores On~Author Study Karma Wilson Positional Word Reader

We began our author study by reading Bear Snores On

We completed a story retell activity with puppets:

Beginning, Middle, End Story Retell Writing:

Then completed a writing activity with bear snores on:

Bear Craftivity with Writing Page

After reading other stories by Karma Wilson, we chose our favorite book and we got into groups and reread the stories/retold our favorite book by Karma Wilson in our small groups:

Then we wrote about our favorite story by Karma Wilson:  

The bear came from:
Binding Literature to the Common Core ~ Bear Wants More by

My students had the most fun (of course) with the positional bear snores on emergent reader (Included in my Karma Wilson Author Study, click on Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Where are you snoring author study packet).  My students thought it would be funny to make snoring sounds while they were moving the bear around the book.  They loved this and it was so cute how excited they get about our positional words book! 

Our bear goes everywhere with us...  even into march with dr. seuss and march weather!

 I hope you enjoy! 
Bear Snores On~Author Study Karma Wilson Positional Word Reader