Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Around the World

I am so excited to post my first few products on TpT!  

Reindeer Instructions including Reindeer Food directions and labels.
The First Product I posted was an interactive Reindeer story.  The students love this easy reader! It also helps reinforce positional words.

Purchase my Reindeer Instructions here.

I am also really excited to use them with my Kindergarten students.  I will be using this as an introduction to each country.  We will  "magic airplane" which will drop us off at each country.  During the countries visit we will use the booklet to learn about the countries holiday traditions, the location of each country using a world map and google earth, the flag that represents each country, and the elements of culture (how people speak, how people dress, what people eat, etc.)

Stay tuned for craft activities created by students while they were visiting their country.


You can purchase my  Holiday Around the World Packet here.